Graphic Novel program finished

April 17th, 2006 by cathy

Well, its over now. I had gotten so worked up about making sure that everything was perfect… well that I survived the program without dying of embarrassment at any point. Jason (the other presenter) was a little worked up as well (in my opinion). I think that he really wanted to make sure that everyone learned something and really enjoyed themselves. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him talk so much or so fast. (This is why I think he was nervous). Unfortunately, between his talking and spending so long having everyone look at the graphic novels (all of which were good things, so I’m not upset) but that meant that I really didn’t get much time to talk about the site that I created. I just put a lot more work into this site than I thought I would, and I had hoped to explain a bit more about the site. I know that the others could look more on their own, but I thought that it was really important for me to catch their attention so that they would remember to take the time to look on their own. I had just enough time to quickly go through the sections of links and the categories that they are divided into. I think people sort of got the idea that this could really help, but a little more time… ah well. I think people learned a lot, and thats the important thing. Although people were still very reluctant to embrace the manga. I guess its just one baby step at a time. Someday they will understand how important graphic novels could be for connecting with kids. Its just like telling the kids that you know who Boots or Magenta are. Sure everyone knows who Dora and Blue are, but you know Boots! Tell them that you’ve read Naruto, and you’ve caught their attention. Then they’ll know that you really take the time and you care. And isn’t that what being a public librarian is really all about? I’d like to think it is.

One Response to “Graphic Novel program finished”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Jason *was* nervous.

    And you were totally nice to him about hogging all the time. Personally, I would have hit him and called him names. I should say that we are really lucky to have him at WPL and I really enjoy working with him most of the time, but every once in a while you just have to let him know what’s what.

    Even so, I think people are checking out the web site. I’ve talked to a couple people who have, at any rate, and they’re excited about getting comics into their libraries. I think the program was such a tremendous success, and I was really excited about it. I liked to see two of the newest Children’s Librarians showing us all what they know, and I am glad to see more Children’s Librarians taking comics seriously.