I can’t wait until September!

April 21st, 2006 by cathy

I am so behind in my work! One minute it was December, and the next thing I know its practically May. What is up with THAT?!? So you may ask, why do I wish it was September? Please take note of the name of my blog… As a public librarian who works with kids and teens, our busiest time of the year is the summer. I have almost no idea of what I’m going to do. Plus the NYS theme this year is Books: a Treasure. The only thing that is worse than what is for the kids is what they have for the teens. Its is all about the bling for teens, and that is so five years ago. I find the whole thing offensive.

Therefor, I’m going for the whole Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp theme this summer for the teens. That and I’m going to try and give food away as prizes for reading books this summer. Once another teen librarian told me “Feed them and they will come”. Sure enough, it works. So that’s what I plan on doing. Food for the guys and Johnny Depp for the ladies.

For the kids I’m going to do Princesses and Pirates (and books) oh my… I figure if the girls can dress up and be princesses and the boys can act like pirates, they will come by the droves. Especially if I sweeten the pot with tiaras and eye patches.

Still, lots more planning to do, and I need to be fleshed out and ready to go before the end of May. That doesn’t give much time…. Cripes, I better get to bed. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

One Response to “I can’t wait until September!”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Don’t feel bad. We talked about summer reading a couple times in the last few months (conversations that went like, “We should plan summer reading,” “Yeah, maybe we’ll do something like last year,” etc…), but we really only started planning it this past week. Okay, mostly yesterday. We had a super-productive afternoon, though, so I’m feeling less like the whole world might end because we have no summer reading plan. 🙂

    We’ve decided to decorate around the whole pirate theme, and one of our library assistants is going to do a pirate school program, but, other than that, we’re doing regular old programs. I was *going* to suggest that we do a princess-based program, but I didn’t want Jason’s head to explode. But wouldn’t it be so much fun to dress up and get all the kids dressed up and wear tiaras? Of course, we’re doing a weekly program called Books and More where we’re going to read a book and then have crafts and activities based on the book. The idea is that Jason and I are going to split up the planning, so maybe I could use a princess book for one of those. Maybe The Paper Bag Princess. I love that book, and so does Jason — so he can’t complain, even if there are tiaras involved….

    OOO! And we could make DRAGONS!

    It’s ridiculous how excited I can get about this sort of thing. 🙂