Teenagers and why they test my limitless patience.

July 15th, 2006 by cathy

I work in Hilton New York, which is like every other small village. It’s small. I grew up five minutes from downtown Rochester, so if my mom was off and we wanted to do something in the summer, there were museums we could go to or Highland Park. There was stuff we could do.

Apparently, there is NOTHING to do in Hilton except:

1. Hang out in the library complaining there is nothing to do and when given things to do by the librarian such as:
a. crossword puzzles
b. regular puzzles
c. chess/cards/checkers
d. magazines
e. comic books
f. (or, god forbid) BOOKS!
They still say that they’re bored and that reading hurts their eyes. Maybe they should consider glasses.

2. Use the Internet ALL DAY with every family member’s card because we have time out software that only allows people to use the Internet for 90 minutes, until we have to tell them to get off because they’ve been on the computer for six hours and someone else might like to use it.

3. Throw books at eachother in the teen area.

4. Swear at eachother loud enough so that the kids can hear, but not loud enough for us to hear at the front desk.

5. Call me cunt under their breath so that I know they said it, but not loud enough that I know WHO said it.

6. Toss their bikes right at the door so that other people can’t get into the library.

7. Set fires, smoke, spray graffiti and make out in the alleyway between the library and the dentist office or right in the doorway of the staff entrance to the library.

8. Walk sneakily into the non-fiction section so they can look at the Joy of Sex or whatever other sex books we have and then leave them open so the kids can see them.

9. Steal the little creamers from Wilson Farms across the street and throw them against the floor in the entry way of the library so that they explode.

10. Hang out ALL day in the library, but NEVER come to any of my programs.

Hmm. I’m going to stop there before I get my blood pressure up, plus I like lists that go from one to ten.

I think it would be great if you give me ten reasons why you can’t wait for September love teenagers.

3 Responses to “Teenagers and why they test my limitless patience.”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    Sometimes they can be really charming and funny. 🙂 It doesn’t sound like those ones are particularly charming and funny, though, especially the one who used the “c” word. That one needs his/her mouth washed out with soap.

  2. Pat Says:

    Cathy–Sorry to hear about your problems. This too will pass. I had teenagers (girls mostly but some guys) running out of the library today when the Reptile Guys brought out the snakes. Maybe you could consider a library boa.

  3. Pete B Says:

    Cathy-my nephews live in Hilton-I’ll be sure this doesn’t occur from them. 🙂 Their mother (Teresa) would freak…:)