Gamers @ Your Library

July 19th, 2006 by cathy

First let me say I love and hate technology. I have a PDA and I use a Yahoo calendar. Unfortunately sometimes when I sync them up, I lose vital information. Today was one of those days.

I had been looking forward to this program, Gamer’s @ Your Library, which was offered through this wonderful organization RRLC (Rochester Regional Library Council). They offer lots of great programs on all sorts of topics for public and school librarians as well as administrators and others. So I heard about this program, and I thought “Great! Another way to connect with the teens!” Weeks went by and I forgot about the program.

Then I get an email from my friend Molly and she mentions that there is a program at RRLC today. I frantically look at both my PDA and my Yahoo calendar. Nothing. Then I look at my RRLC account. Nothing. Then I check out a schedule that I had given one of my co-workers. Damnit! It WAS today! So I called RRLC and they said hurry up and get here!

Sally gave me the okay to leave (she is a very awesome boss after all) and I raced as quickly as I could to Fairport. Its not exactly a ten minute drive, but I got there. In Fairport, I couldn’t figure out where the building was. I was about an hour and a half late, but I got there with a couple hours left in the program.

Unfortunately, everything was A LOT more basic than I thought it was going to be. I knew a lot of what he talked about. Color me disappointed. He went over the very basic types of games, as well as a couple of each style. I watch a porgram called XPlay on G4 TV, which reviews a lot of games and goes over the different styles. Then there was a lunch break (so I got a chance to gab with other librarians. Yippee!) Afterwards we got a chance to play all the games. We played the Game Cube, Mario Brothers version of DDR which was TERRIBLE! I also played a racing game on the Game Cube and some card games. Then I signed up for Runescape. It was interesting, but I can’t imagine playing it for hours on end, but it was cute. Someone asked about Yugioh, and he said not to have those kinds of programs at your library because fights can break out. I have Yugioh at the library EVERY WEEK and so far not one fight has erupted. Everyone is extremely polite and well mannered.
In the end, I was glad for the chance to get involved with other librarians, but the class wasn’t worth it.

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