March 28th, 2007 by cathy

I get so busy, I can’t believe that I’ve neglected the blog for so long! I’ve just been on the go so much! Umm, well mostly crocheting and playing with Jack, but those are important too, aren’t they?

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of the things I’ve made, so pictures will be up soon. The subject of my interest recently is felted jewelry. I made some pins, a couple bracelets and a necklace/belt (for my niece).

There’s also been a lot of work going on in my teen area. As I may have mentioned before, Jenny is my practicum student, and she just finished weeding my teen collection. A LOT of books disappeared. We then moved the graphic novels to a more spacious location. I am very happy with it, and it looks 20X better. I just wish that I didn’t have to get rid of anything that hadn’t gone out in three years to do it. Our library is so small (how small is it :)?) that we’re almost at a one book in/one book out state. That is really awful. Although what is worse is that some people think that we’re plenty big enough. 🙁 I’d love to have some more space to display things, and make it look more like a book store, which as current experts say, is the way to get more books circulating in the library.


By the way, Jeff called me yesterday all excited because while Jack was sitting on Jeff’s lap, Jack started grunting, which is the sure sign of poopy. Okay so that’s not the exciting bit. Anyway, Jack looked right at Jeff and said “Poopy!” then got off Jeff’s lap, went into his bedroom, grabbed a diaper and sat on the changing pad. Jeff then had to call me right afterwards.
Awww. How cute is that? … Okay so if I wasn’t a parent, I’d wonder when the cute part was coming, but as a parent all those weird things suddenly become adorable. Parenthood is strange.


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  1. Samantha Says:

    i love how poop is disgusting in every form except when whispered from a child’s lips.

    and no i still wouldn’t change his diaper even if he looked me straight in the eye and said “poopy!” while waving a diaper in his hand.

    awwww……jack is sooooo cute!

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