Darn you Adrienne!

March 29th, 2007 by cathy

Non-Kid-Lit Blogs: A Rare Post of the Day

Adrienne tagged me on this meme that’s doing the rounds: Five Non-Kid-Lit Blogs We Read. She got tagged by MotherReader.
Okay. I can do this. Its my responsibility as a blogger to do this. I really can’t believe that this should be so hard since I’m on the internet EVERY DAY. Plus I get caught in the weird blog whirlpool. One blog after another swirling around me. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot recently. There are so many good blogs out there and as I go into my blog trance, one flowing into the other, I lose track of time and space. Of course I also lose track of which blogs I really like. But like a trooper, I will push forward and take one for the team.

I also decided that I would put blogs that I actually read, not ones that would make me super cool… although I’ve decided that these are pretty cool. I mean my sister’s one of them, for gosh sake! Who’s cooler than that?

  1. My heart of Darkness – By day she’s a Physicist, by night a poet and all the time she’s my sister.
  2. Unshelved – Daily comic that guides me in my attempts at uber-librarian-dom, whatever that is.
  3. Alternative Teen Services – Teen Librarians of the world unite! I want to write articles for the blog, and they said I could. Of course that would mean that I should also write in my own occasionally.
  4. Momchops – I am a faithful reader, now if only she would post more often… of course I could say the same of myself. Feh, I have an excuse. I’m a very busy youth services librarian in a eetsy beetsy library. She’s just the assistant to the director of the Monroe County Library System.
  5. What Not to Crochet – Now that I like crocheting, I had to know what NOT to crochet… although the thong looked awful comfy.

Okay. Who’s turn is it now? Who actually reads my blog? Hmm. How about:

  1. Sam
  2. Patty
  3. Olivia – I don’t know that she actually reads my blog, but should she, TAG! Your it!

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  1. adrienne Says:

    I also read Unshelved. I actually had a really hard time picking my five because I tend to read a lot of the same things EVERYONE reads, and then most of the rest of my blogs are library/literature related. I wanted to have some kind of variety, but it’s hard when your favorite blog is Cute Overload….

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