What has happened to America’s Parents?

July 15th, 2007 by cathy

Have they all gone mad? I started this post before Friday when the bleeding started, and I’m even more furious now… which I wouldn’t think possible, but it is. I’m having trouble with my pregnancy and I would love this kid to pieces, and then there are other people that… well… I suggest having tissues with you. Or something to punch.

Mom tapes a pacifier to child’s mouth

Three year old dies in car accident, due to not being in a car seat — what’s worse is that after the accident, the family all posted weird rip messages to the baby on myspace.

Parents leave child is stroller while on Disney ride.

Vegan parents feed baby herbal tea, flax seed oil, fruit juices and soy drinks

Mother Microwaves Newborn in Microwave – this is on Snopes, so you have to go through the fiction stories to get to the true ones at the bottom.

Boy kept in closet for days on end, and dies in closet

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