Pregnancy update

July 19th, 2007 by cathy

Monday I decided to go to the doctor’s to get checked out for the spotting. Once I got to the office at around 3 pm, I started bleeding a lot more. After waiting almost two hours, I finally got to see the doctor. By that time I was having pretty awful cramps and the bleeding got really heavy. The doctor said that it was most likely a miscarriage, but she wanted me to go to the hospital for an ultrasound to make sure.  By the time I left (Jeff came to pick me up, the sweetie) it was 5:45 pm.

We got to Strong, and they got us in pretty quickly. The bleeding just seemed to get heavier and heavier. They put an IV on me and drew some blood. One of the people doing it was a student, and it hurt quite a bit. Jeff watched my face, and my expression was too much for him to handle, so he almost passed out. Poor guy. Throughout the whole thing Jeff was really good to me.

Eventually we got in for the ultrasound. They said that there really wasn’t anything in there except for some clots, and that by the look of it, there probably hadn’t been a baby there anyway. What probably happened is that my body absorbed the baby much earlier and my body still thought I was pregnant.

Finally we checked out at about midnight. Just as we were leaving, I started feeling dizzy and sweaty so I sat down. I started feeling worse, so I went up to Jeff and then I passed out in his arms. I came to pretty quick, but I realized that I hadn’t eaten in about 11 hours.  They brought me back in, I had some icky cookies and some orange juice, and after a couple minutes, I felt better. We went out and Jeff got me a roast beef sandwich, and the new medicine I needed to take.  We eventually got home at 12:45 am.

Early on I felt horrible. Eventually I started feeling better and by the ultrasound, I was ready to move on. However now I’m starting to feel very melancholy, and I just want to sleep.  At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this, but I think I really needed to write things down and get things off my chest. It helped a little, but I still feel a little sad. I might be pretty useless for the next couple days, I think.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers. It really feels good to know that when I really need people, they are there for me. I love all of you. 🙂

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  1. Pat Says:

    Cathy–I am so very very sorry about your loss. Prayers and hugs are still being sent your way. It’s definitely ok to feel sad and don’t be surprised if all those feelings keep coming back at you seemingly out of nowhere. Take the time to mourn and cry, rant and rave and definitely hug Jack and Jeff. Call if you want to talk.

  2. KC Says:


    Nobody likes that type of a shocking surprise. Hope you’re coping well with friends and family.

  3. Clorinda Says:

    Thinking of you! See you soon!

  4. Aaron Says:

    Major bummer. As I told Jeff, I’m really, really sorry.

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