Christmas Vacation programs for kids

December 29th, 2007 by cathy

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too many people for the programs I offered during the vacation, but this is just ridiculous!
Over the vacation I offered:

  • Wednesday
  • : Make a Gods Eye ALL DAY – ZERO PEOPLE

  • Thursday
  • : Make a Felted Bowl – Three people, included in this are the girls mother and brother, who played Uno and Chess while we made our bowls.

  • Friday Morning
  • : Holiday Storytime – ZERO PEOPLE – I don’t offer it, people complain; I do offer it, no one shows up

  • Friday Afternoon
  • : Finish up your Felted Bowl – Two people – these are different people that didn’t come on Thursday. I included the mom because she hung around to talk and read a magazine as we made our bowls.

    Monday I’m going to be doing a New Year’s Eve dance. I was going to make that punch with ginger ale, Hawaiian Punch and sherbert and get snacks. I was also going to recreate or find a video to show of the ball dropping, but now I’m wondering how much I should bother doing.

    I try not to let it bother me, but still I get frustrated. Even if I spend money on hiring out people, they often don’t draw people either. Someone did ask if we were showing a movie. Maybe if I just sit people in front of our big screen tv so that they can rot their brains, they’ll come. You know they will. Don’t shake your head.

    Next year, I’m thinking of stealing Adrienne’s idea and doing a kids advisory group (she calls it “Library Club”). I think this would be a great idea to draw on the kids talents and their ideas of how they envision the library in the future.

    We shall see. Its midnight and I’m old and tired. Plus I rearranged stuff at the library in the staff area, so that it won’t effect patrons, thank goodness. They definitely can’t handle change. Of course, we occasionally have people who ask for the card catolog, and actually mean card catalog. I thought it would be best to do this while Sally was gone on vacation. Otherwise, she would find other things for me to move. 🙂 I can’t wait until she comes back so that she can see! Yippee!

    4 Responses to “Christmas Vacation programs for kids”

    1. adrienne Says:

      Well, I’m always happy when people are copying me. 🙂

    2. Pat Says:

      I decided to steal Cathy H’s idea and have a countdown to noon program on Monday. Somehow it hit the D&C last week and instead of nobody now I have 21 signed up. Yikes, most we’ve seen in a long time. Making paper plate shakers and hats and a real cool idea I saw of whispering your New Year’s wish into a paper bag, blowing it up and popping it at the strike of midnight (well noon) and letting your wish out into the world. Serving apple juice and goldfish crackers and reading a book. I love Adrienne’s Library Club idea too but don’t know if I’d get anyone to show up and then don’t know if I have the $ to buy all the cool stuff they would like. Wish I could have seen Jack as the sheep, he sounds super cute and I think a sheep watching over the baby Jesus is just right. Happy New Year!

    3. Pat Says:

      NYE update–only 6 of the 21 signed up actually showed up. Oh, well…..

    4. cathy Says:

      One reason I don’t bother with sign up sheets. I had no one sign up and no one show up. 😛 Oh well. I can save the sherbet, pineapple juice and 7up for another time.

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