New Years Resolutions

January 4th, 2008 by cathy

Everyone has them and everyone breaks them. I’m just going to pretend for a while that I won’t break these ones, because I think that they’re pretty necessary in my life. And no, its not “I will lose weight and exercise more”… blah blah blah. We all do that one, and break it as soon as we think it. So maybe if I don’t think about losing weight, it’ll happen. Right? Oh, well. At least I’ve cut out the bagels, and I try to DDR.

Here are my real new years resolutions, and honestly, these may be even harder than saying I’ll lose weight or that I’ll write more blog posts. Here it goes.

Time and Organizational Management. Yup I said it out loud. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty scatterbrained and unorganized. Even my day planner looks like it was hit by a twister. Auntie Em wouldn’t be found for years. (BTW, I am once again trying to make use of my PDA) I do try. I think its pretty funny that I’ve chosen a field that prides itself in being organized into categories and yet…

If I’m being honest with myself (and you guys too) I really didn’t become a librarian because I liked the Dewey Decimal System or even Library of Congress for that matter. I became a librarian because I like being a little social butterfly. 🙂 Plus I like programming. I like playing Cranium with seven year olds and watching a nearly three year old play DDR and come racing up to me and say “Miss Cathy! Miss Cathy! I beat it!” In this high pitch ADORABLE voice, that makes you want to eat her up. She is this adorable little blonde who is incredible bouncy and adorable. Did I mention adorable? As the program was ending, her mom said that she (the little girl, of course) and Jack should get married, because then they would have the MOST ADORABLE CHILDREN IN THE WORLD!!! Mwahahah! Okay, tangent.

I like being a librarian because I like programming (when people come). I also like talking to people and being there when needed. Organization Goddesss I am not, and its not really high on my list of most important qualities, although I logically know that its important.

I also want to work on time management, because this is not a Kyle skill. We are still working on our “Fashionably Late Kyle Christmas Cards”. We still have a graduation card for a high schooler at our church. We still have a sympathy card for a friend who’s mom died, umm a couple of months ago. Granted, her mom was turning 105 in a couple of days, but that’s really not the point. And yes, that is her mom. My friend in question is in her 70s.

I have checked out the series on time and organizational management, but I haven’t managed to read them.

There’s just so much to think about! So much to read, so much technology, so many PSP games, so much DDR to play. So much coloring and puzzle putting-together to do with my son. (And then there’s the cleaning, which we don’t need to talk about right now) How do people find time to do anything?  I find it absolutely HYSTERICAL that I have an obsession with watches and (to a lesser extent) calendars. This should be telling me something, shouldn’t it?

Anyway, what are some of your guys’ new year’s resolutions? I know, don’t all answer at once. I’m sure I’ll get quite a few resolutions to enlarge something or other, or to be better at “something else”. That’s okay, I know that you’re still thinking about your resolutions.

Another resolution. Go to bed earlier. Good night.

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  1. samantha Says:

    here’s a new year’s resolution for me: be more reclusive and antisocial. (i am sure to keep this one!)

    but seriously, i made a list of 20 things that i should work on during the next year. i need to type them up and put them some where i can seem them multiple times a day.

    1 floss and brush teeth more often
    2 practice my flute and penny whistle more
    3 run for 30 minutes every morning (in general, exercise more often)
    4 write more poetry, thoughts, etc in my blog
    5 read more non-science books
    6 read more science books, articles, etc
    7 eat more healthy
    8 search for contentment with my self as i am
    9 learn to let things happen as they happen and not fret over them
    10 live more simply (stop buying stuff/get rid of the old stuff)
    11 take more chances/risks
    12 gallbladder surgery
    13 see a dermotologist
    14 get master’s degree
    15 teach better
    16 be a better tutor
    17 be a better student (keep up with assignments, don’t procrastinate, study more)
    18 get outside more often on the weekends
    19 become more motivated to live life (i.e. more motivation to get up in the morning, to do work at research, etc)
    20 have more social interactions with people (whether that means going to events that i am invited to or holding more “dinner parties”/gatherings at my apartment

    it sure does seem like a lot of things and i know that i won’t accomplish them all this year. my main goal isn’t to cross things off a list but to have grown as a person.

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