Everyone loves Star Wars

January 7th, 2008 by cathy

Its practically unAmerican not to like Star Wars. Then I came across this blog post. There is this neat thing on wordpress.com, where I have all my work blogs, that shows a smattering of interesting wordpress blogs whenever you log on. Which is how I came to read the article. I think its an interesting take on Star Wars, and so true.

In the original series the Rebels destroy the Death Star and are awarded medals for bravery. But what about all the regular people doing their jobs. Taking care of the park, cleaning toilets, doing laundry, or serving food in the cafeteria. Its no different than when Darth Vader blew up Alderaan… well except that Alderaan couldn’t blow up planets. Also, when Luke blew up the Death Star, shouldn’t he have felt all those people dieing? Isn’t that what happened when Alderaan blew up?

I think it makes a great comparison to what’s going on in society right now. There are tons of regular people living in Iraq, and yet often times I think people forget that. They also forget that not everyone is an extremest. They are just trying to survive…

Anyway, I loved the article, because it makes us think of Star Wars in a whole new light. Plus it had a link to a great Star Wars Lego’s video. Perfect!

There’s one thing I need to get off my chest. When I was looking up the spelling of Alderaan, I came to this great site called Wookiedpedia. One thing led to another, and I looked at the bio of Padmé and they claim that “a medical team tried to save Padmé; sadly, they discovered that she was dying, having apparently lost the will to live.” Oh, come on now! Sure her husband has turned into the ultimate form of evil, but she just gave birth to twins! — Although, I’m sure that my husband would think that it would cause him to lose the will to live. I’m sorry, but one look at my newborn children would give me a new lease on life. I don’t blame her though, Star Wars was written by a man who didn’t know any better and thinks that us women live and breath for our men. I DON’T THINK SO. Small babies that we have just spent months carrying and hours delivering outweigh any crazy lunatic husband that has gone to the darkside. I am not losing the will to live for no man… and I’m just a regular chick, not a QUEEN who has fought in wars and argued with powerful politicians. I DON’T THINK SO. Well, I guess you know how I feel about that. Couldn’t there have been an assassination at least? I think this is just a slap in the face for women all over the world.

Oh and I watched Snakes on a Plane last night. It may have been the worst movie ever made. I don’t know if it even deserves another sentence, but maybe later. All I need to say for now is RUN AWAY! More to follow.

2 Responses to “Everyone loves Star Wars”

  1. genesiawilliams Says:

    Ok maybe I am un-american but I saw Star Wars and *spoiler here* when I found out Darth Vader was James Earl Jones and then the whole ‘Luke I am your father’ thing happened I had to refrain from ever watching it again… but then again I don’t like the Today Show and I have it on goood authority that this would have gotten me on the Black list next to Arthur Miller Back in the day…

    but I love people that love Star Wars and my name is like the name of some planet in this 8th realm galaxy in Star Wars…. and that article (shout out to PaddyK) was great.

    So hello, pleased to meet you.

  2. samantha Says:

    check this article out. it goes along the same lines as what you were talking about. i really never thought about star wars like this before. a lot of good points are made for which side was actually good and which was actually evil.

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