If you’re thinking about doing something, go do it.

October 2nd, 2005 by cathy

We are all so busy all the time. Life just seems so crazy and we get caught up in so many busy little things, that we never have time for all those things we really want to do or all the really important things that we should do. Take the time to get in touch people that you’ve lost contact with and been thinking of.
Okay, so I know that I’m rambling, but this all comes from finding out that my choir director passed away. Well, really she was my ex-choir director. She became a lay pastor and joined another church. Then quite suddenly, she found out that she had cancer. The last time I had seen her, she didn’t seem sick at all, so while I knew that she was sick, I had no idea how sick she was. I had been meaning for a while to visit her, or write her a letter, something… anything. But, then I found out that thinking and maybes are worth nothing if you don’t actually do anything about it. All my good intentions were for naught, because she passed away anyway.
I don’t really know what to say, but I guess I should say something about her. She wasn’t nearly that old. But I guess most people are ever old enough to die. She had young grandchildren who should have gotten to know her better, but they never will get to know her as well as they should have. She had so many ideas and such creativity. She was caring and wonderful. She had a story (sometimes a little too long, but no one’s perfect) to tell about everything and for every situation. She loved music and loved sharing it with everyone. I am so grateful that I have gotten to know her, but I don’t think I ever had enough time. Do we ever have enough time? Its at times like these that I think how petty everything is sometimes. We get caught up in the lives of Hollywood stars and need to have every new purse and shoe that comes out. Then something like this happens and BAM everything seems to wrong.

Here’s to you Jane. I love you.

Bender, Jane Breitkruz October 1, 2005. She is survived by her husband, Richard A. Bender; daughter, Catherine (Gregory) Zalewski; sister, Martha (Al) Durrell; grandchildren, Alexander, Lukas Zalewski. Friends may call Wednesday 2-3 PM at the Union Presbyterian Church, 1 Browns Ave., Scottsville, 14546. A Funeral Service will be immediately following at 3 pm. In lieu of flowers, contributions in her memory may be made to Grace Urban Ministries, 860 Dewey Ave., Rochester 14613. Anthony Funeral & Cremation Chapels 2305 Monroe Ave., 244-0770

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