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September 4th, 2004 by cathy
Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve written. I started a new blog for the young adults at my library. I hope that they make use of it. Some of the teens don’t want to be involved with the library at all. They come in to use the internet, but they don’t have any interest in coming to programs or finding out what new books I bought recently. The kids are easy to get into the library, because they like reading and don’t think that the library is a boring place. I really don’t know what I can do about the teens.In my spare time I’ve been obsessing over beads a lot recently. I’ve made a bunch of necklaces and bracelets over the past few weeks. I’d like to post some pictures, but I’ll have to remember how to do it. For Christmas last year, I made bracelets for my sisters, my sister-in-law and my mother. My mother-in-law didn’t tell me directly, but I found out that she really wanted a bracelet too. Her birthday was coming up so I made her a set (necklace, bracelet and earrings). I found some pearl beads, malachite and I had some silver beads. The set actually looked pretty nice and sort of classy. Last night I made a necklace with red beads and at the party we had for my mother-in-law my sister-in-law mentioned how much she liked it. So I’ll make one for her too. It’s been fun making the jewelry, except I’ve been making a lot of it late at night so my eyes have been getting strained. I like keeping myself busy.

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