It’s Alive!

January 17th, 2005 by cathy

Yes I am still alive… you know, I thought that I would be updating this all the time and using this instead of a journal, but life is so crazy sometimes and you spend most of your day in front of a computer, why spend your night in front of a computer (although this does not seem to be an issue for my husband, he spends all day in front of computers and loves it).

I find it highly amusing that I am giving a presentation to other librarians about blogs, and I haven’t updated this site in half a year and my blog for teens in over a month. I am really slipping. I guess this is one of the fortunate things about blogs. No one knows your name… well my name really is Cathy, but really let’s not get picky. No one can call you and complain, and I’m sure hardly anyone ever looks here (especially since I haven’t updated this in half a year… urg) so I’m doing good.

Onto the subject that takes up most of my life right now (besides preparing for summer reading so I’m ready when I get back to work).

Baby update:

I am having a boy on March 27 2004 (or somewhere roundabout that date). Trying to register for baby stuff is a nightmare. I don’t know how people do this. There is so much stuff and you turn a corner and BAM more of the same stuff, only slightly different. How do you know which one is the best pacifer? Which blanket will keep them warmer and soak up the most barf? Which glider can you sit in for an hour and feed your kid without your butt falling asleep? How many pacifers and sheets and washclothes and bottles and onesies do I need? HOW DO I DO ALL THIS WITHOUT LOSING MY MIND??

Everyone at the library is really great. I think that’s one of the great things about the field. Its mostly women, and since I’m only twenty-five, they’re mostly my mom’s age, they understand all the gross things that are happening to me, and they want to take care of me. Plus, being a children’s librarian is twice as nice because you work with a lot of moms who have lots of young kids and have just been through the process recently. Granted, most people want to give you advice or sometimes pat your belly (grrrr), but on the whole, the experience hasn’t been so bad… well except for all the crazy nasty things my body has been doing.

Recently, I have been swelling up. My feet look like ham hocks, my fingers like little sausages, and I feel like hell. I have a cold (can’t take any medications) I’m tired (found out I’m anemic) and I can’t remember my name (in fact I can remember anything most days).

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