Baby registration nightmares

January 19th, 2005 by cathy

So baby shower registering begins. This is such a scary scary thing. Masses of crazy pregnant women with sore feet who have to pee and husbands who look like they’d prefer to be at the electronics store next door. We were able to register at Target and Babies R Us one right after the other, because they’re right next door to each other and just in case my husband had a panic attack, there was a Best Buy and a hardware store next to them.

There is SO MUCH STUFF to look at! Its amazing people don’t fall over with shock from trying to figure out what they’re going to need. So far I’m getting the picture that I’m going to need lots of wash cloths, blankets, onesies, diapers, burp cloths, fitted sheets and bibs. Anything that a baby can poop or puke on we need lots of. Its crazy! As soon as you turn a corner, there’s more of the same stuff to look at, and then you start second guessing yourself. Do I need the ducky or the doggy wash cloth? Oh! And the doctor NEVER mentions that you’re going to start talking so that everything ends in “eeey”. Poopy, doggy, kitty, baby, hammy, Cathy. EVERYTHING! Even my husband started speaking like this. Its crazeeey!

Anyway Babies R Us should be illegal. Its enough to make new moms-to-be want to run out in front of a car.

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